Saturday, February 19

Saturday funtime

Joel is gone all weekend with some small group boys, up north, so it was me, the kids and some cousins. What's the next best thing to the zoo? The local pet store. We spent quite a while looking at these charming specimens...they were quite "cute" in a creepy-stay-in-the-cage-please sort of way.

Pick me! Pick me!

No, meee, in the corner....Pla-ease! I beg you!

I promise to be nice, please, please, please...

I'm BEGGING you...pick me!

No! you can't walk away....Nooooooooooo!

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Karissa said...

Ha! I hated rats. And then I trained rats for a semester in a psychology class in college. I didn't mind them so much (I named them Tiger and Dude). Now I live in Vietnam and I see a rat or two every couple of weeks in our alley. I don't like rats anymore, but as long as they're outside and not inside... it's all good.