Friday, February 18

Our baby is FIVE!!

Emma turned FIVE YEARS OLD on February 13. We are still grateful + amazed beyond words that God chose us to be Emma's parents! We love her dearly and often fall into bed at night (tired, of course) laughing, while reliving one of many Emma-isms or antics. She is a thoughtful, bright, witty and FULL of love of life! She will try nearly anything at least once, and has more excitement in her pinky than her mom and dad, combined.

Needless to say, once we decided to have Emma's birthday party at For the Kidz, she never stopped asking who was coming and how many sleeps until the party. We were just as excited as she was for the big day to arrive :)

This place is a kid's dream, especially in the midst of winter


Cake, Mmmm!

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Karissa said...

This place looks like so much fun! From the FB pictures I thought it might be a fancy gymnastics school, but it's really set up to be a childrens... park?