Saturday, May 14

Lucy the pony + sanity

Let's be honest...I live for play dates (i.e. sanity) just about as much (or more) than my kids do. While it's exciting for them to see friends, experience new things, play with new toys, I love (crave?!) a teeny tiny bit of adult conversation and a few sips of coffee w/o two wrangling kids attached to my hip. It doesn't need to be said that I love my children with every single solitary bone in my body and that I'd go to the moon and back for them, but for real...I'm not the type to sit around, hold hands, sing kumbaya, all while figuring out our next craft. (There's always room for improvement, right?)

Today, Lucy the pony (and accompanying farm, dirt, swings, dirt, tractors, dirt, friends, dirt, cat, dirt, etc) was part of our awesome play date. Emma's smile almost broke her face she was so excited/happy to be riding on Lucy's back...which also makes mom happy. Farms (and dirt) rule!

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