Monday, February 7

Weekend in review

Grandpa and Grandma H. were preparing to leave on a trip, so we made a visit
to say goodbye and just hang out. Here's Sam getting into Grandma's biz...what he does best!
Look how precariously he's standing on that magazine rack. lasts for about 2.7 seconds, then silliness ensues.
We went to David and Angie's for dinner on Friday night.
Angie made divine wet burritos!

This past Saturday was donut-Saturday! Mmmm!

Sam chowing down on a donut hole

No Saturday is complete without a stop at Menard's

Saturday night we went to Ada, to my parent's house to celebrate Emma's
5th birthday since my parents will be gone during her birthday
(interestingly, they'll be traveling with Joel's parents)

Dad reading the card from Grandpa/Grandma

Our typical Sunday plans were thwarted due to Emma's mild illness so she stayed home with dad while Sam and I ventured off to church. For the Superbowl, we had some friends over for a relaxing evening of food and commercial watching :)

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Karissa said...

Wow! Emma is just about five already! I didn't realize she and Ava were so close in age.

Wet burritos, what are those? They sound... well, like they would be soggy. But I'm sure they're fantastic, so now I'm curious.

I love the Menards comment and picture and the magazine rack picture.